A hob is the cooking appliance that is installed on the slab of the kitchen. They are mounted in such way that all the gas pipes and electric wires concealed well. IZONE is the best brand for kitchen hob. IZONE kitchen hob in Pakistan has rate gas input of 12kW. IZONE kitchen hob in Pakistan has rated electrical power of 1.1W.

IZONE best kitchen hob brand in Pakistan that sells best and quality range of kitchen essentials on affordable prices. IZONE kitchen hob price in Pakistan is according to their features. IZONE kitchen hob divided into three categories 2, 3 and 5 gas burners.

1. IZONE kitchen hob design has heavy grates. 

2. IZONE best kitchen hob has cast iron pan supports. 

3. IZONE best kitchen hob in Pakistan has high-efficiency brass burners. 

4. IZONE best kitchen hob 2022 has removal washing cup. 

5. IZONE best hob for kitchen has safety ignition pins. 

  1. IZONE kitchen hob are safe and easy to use.
  2. IZONE kitchen hob comes with modern functionalities and features.
  3. IZONE kitchen hob makes the kitchen look neat and clean.
  4. IZONE kitchen hob are perfect for small kitchens as they help you to save space.

Installing a kitchen hob is simple and easy as you required some basic tools and readily available supplies. If you read the instructions carefully and use the right material then you can safely install it all by yourself or you can call someone expert to install it for you.

Kitchen hob are very easy to use just like a traditional stovetop. You will find a knob on the front which is used to burnup the burners. You don’t need any lighter or matchstick. They come with auto-ignition feature, all you have to do is turn the knob and the burners will automatically have a flame.

Kitchen hob comes with cast iron glass top which is easy to clean and has scratch resistant. To clean kitchen hobs all we need is microfiber cloth and a cleaning agent. 

1. Clean your hob properly as mentioned above.

2. Clean the detachable parts like burners and burners rings regularly. Dry them before placing it back.

3. Avoid overfilling the pan because it leaves stubborn stains.

4. Before using the kitchen hob, read the manual carefully which helps you to operate the hob.



We hope you understand all of the key ideas of IZONE kitchen hob. Another factor to consider is IZONE has been in the business of selling kitchen appliances for a long time. Visit the IZONE website if you want to compare the pricing and other features of these products on a reliable online retailer.