Best Halogen Heater In Pakistan

Best Halogen Heater In Pakistan are heaters that incorporate the halogen element within their heating lamp and bulb. However the confusion arises because the halogen in the halogen lamps are not the actual heating element.

The reason they are called halogen heaters is because within the halogen lamps. Halogen gases are used to increase the brightness of the bulbs and also to increase its lifespan. The halogen also prevents the bulbs from darkening. So the halogen lamps are safe to operate at higher temperatures, compared with lamps that do not use halogen gas.

What are IZONE HALOGEN HEATER 4033 used for?

Halogen heaters are usually used in outdoor heating. The ability for halogen lamps to be able to generate high levels of heat make them ideal for heating. Different types of outdoor areas including terraces and patios. Most outdoor heaters use halogen lamps within the heater. Due to the brightness and high intensity heat the lamps can produce.

Halogen heaters are also often used as mobile heaters as they are lightweight and portable. The heaters can also quickly provide heat, meaning the halogen heaters can provide instantaneous heat as soon as the heaters are switched on.

Advantages of Halogen Heaters

    • Energy saving – halogen heaters provide heat almost instantly and the radiant heat released by the heaters effectively heats a small area, and this greatly reduces the amount of energy the heaters consume.
    • Environmentally friendly – halogen lamps do not release smoke so there are no carbon monoxide emissions released from the heaters.
    • Safety –the halogen lamps themselves do not actually heat up so they are considered safe in most environments.
    • Easy installation – many halogen heaters are easier to install than many alternate heating methods.

Disadvantages of Halogen Heaters

    • Not ideal for space heating – even though halogen heaters provide radiant heat, they are not ideal for space heating, where heating large buildings or large areas is required.
    • Costly to run – halogen heaters are usually quite costly to run compared to other forms of heating depending on the type of halogen heater, particularly during the winter months when the heaters have to left switched on for longer periods of time.
    • Only heats specific area – halogen heaters only heat the specific areas they are targeting so if a person is slightly away from that heating area, they will not be heated and will remain cold.