Best Washer In Pakistan A small size family of 2 people requires 7 kg washer, a medium-size family of 4-5 members requires 7-9 kg, while large families typically need 10-13 kg washing machines. Make it an investment by accounting for future family expansion that may increase your capacity requirements. If you are planning to wash bulky items then you will obviously need a large drum especially for bed comforters, pillows, and covers. Then consider how often you like to do laundry. If you have a medium-size family and don’t mind washing twice a week a 7 kg washer is suitable. However; if you like to wash once a week, go for a bigger size washing machine.

Types of washing machines Best Washer In Pakistan

Washers can be either semi-automatic or fully automatic. There are several types of washers but mainly two types: top load and front load. You can have them freestanding or built-in according to your space and design preferences.

Semi-automatic: Requires some manual intervention. You can pause the washing machine and scrub the clothes to remove excess dirt and dry in a separate tub.

Fully automatic: There is no need for manual effort. It has more washing programs than semi-automatic and saves you time and physical effort.

Top-load washing machines

You open and load from the top, so if you plan on getting a dryer you need to have a side by side installation. Top-load washers typically have agitators or impellers. Unfortunately, agitators take up a lot of space thereby wasting some space for clothes. Hence, agitator models are typically less expensive.


  • No need to bend or kneel to load or remove your laundry. This is especially convenient for elders who suffer from back or knee pain.
  • They are generally cheaper than front load washers because they use more water and energy