IZONE KITCHEN HOOD FBR-1490 Touch Hand Sensor

IZONE KITCHEN HOOD FBR-1490 Touch Hand Sensor. Each cook knows the requirement of having a high-quality range hood in the kitchen. The first reason is this appliance Best Kitchen Hood In Pakistan sucks out the warm air. Heat that is filled up in the kitchen when you cook anything. Secondly, and more significantly, the hood helps to remove toxins. Harmful particles that are released as parts of the cooking process. And, if you don’t invest in a good quality exhaust system. You’d have poor air quality at home that would affect you and your dear ones’ health. Are you worried about how to discover the perfect range hood for your kitchen. Then, fret not, in this blog, you’d find the best tips for purchasing a quality kitchen exhaust system.

Purchasing a kitchen exhaust system:

The basic function of a range hood is to ventilate your kitchen for removing smoke, heat, and odors. This appliance also helps to absorb and trap grease that would. Otherwise land up on your walls, cabinets, & kitchen appliances. Well, before we look at considerable factors for buying a kitchen exhaust system in Pakistan, let’s first take a look at the below-mentioned terms that you should know before purchasing a range hood.


The best method for calculating the efficiency of air removal while purchasing an exhaust system for your kitchen is to examine the width of the range hood. This technique should be at least of the same width as that of your cooking surface.

Ideally, the size of a range hood should overlap 3 inches on either side of the cooktop for covering the maximum area. So, if your cooktop is 30 inches wide, a 36-inch-wide range hood would be the right choice for you. Remember that the exhaust system should be deep enough for covering the back burners and at least half of the front burners. If your range hood is shallow, this appliance should be installed closer to the cooktop.

If you have a kitchen island, the range hood should cover at least six inches more on either side of the cooktop. Coz within a kitchen island, there are cross breezes that could carry the heat and smoke and make your atmosphere suffocating.