How does a gas geyser price in pakistan 2022 gas water heater work?

As the name suggests gas geyser price in pakistan 2022. A gas water heater utilizes Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to heat water.

A gas geyser has three pipes: An inlet pipe for cold water, an outlet pipe for hot water, and an inlet pipe for gas. When the output tap (hot water) is turned on, cold water flows into the tank through the cold-water pipe and the inlet flow sensor gets activated. When the water reaches the magnetic switch, the sensor notifies the solenoid valve, which then turns on the gas pipeline.

Once the gas flows into the burner, it triggers the igniter. The igniter sparks and gas flames appear. The cold water flows into the heat exchanger, which is then heated. This hot water flows out through the hot water tap! There is a temperature sensor fitted at the end of the heat exchanger that keeps a check on the temperature of the water and prevents it from being overheated.

When a gas geyser is operated, it uses oxygen from the atmosphere for burning the gas. So, it is always recommended to install the geyser in an adequately ventilated space to ensure availability of oxygen. In cases where the geyser is operated in a non-ventilated space, the burning of gas utilises the available oxygen This may lead to the level of oxygen in the atmosphere, to drop, which can cause fire hazards. Hence, some LPG and PNG gas geysers incorporate advanced features like Oxygen Depleting Sensor (ODS). When the oxygen level starts depleting, the gas flame becomes inconsistent and volatile. This is sensed by the ODS and its smart feature switches off the geyser for the users’ safety.

Faster heating

The most important benefit of using an LPG or PNG gas geyser is that they require very little time to heat water. Hence you get hot water in an instant.