izone best instant geyser electric price in lahore

The main component of izone best instant geyser electric price in lahore. Before you buy the appliance so it is vital to know the condition of the heating element. If you live in an area where soft or hard water is abundant, it gets affected. Usually they get coated by glass lining to prevent scaling. The glass lining also prolongs life of geysers.

Best Instant Geyser In Pakistan

As the name suggests, the component holds water. So it should be corrosion resistant and strong to withstand hot temperature. There exist two types of geyser tanks.

Stainless steel tanks – They are old models. They are not preferred so in recent times. The main reason – hard water scaling and corrosion.

Glass Coated water tanks – They are new advanced models in geyser technology. These tanks are resistant to corrosion and also avoid hard water scales.


It is the main operation system. It decides the time to start the heating of water and the second to stop. A good thermostat prevents heating of water to extreme temperature. There is a myth that if you have a thermostat, you can switch on the geyser. And the component will switch off after reaching the certain temperature. Not all geysers have this ability, though.

The Geyser Size

Can you calculate the amount of hours needed for a bath? Then it is mandatory you do so. Or else you buy the large size of the appliance. Electricity will go waste. This is one among the many valuable tips to choose the perfect electric geyser.

Geyser wattage

You need to know the wattage. If it is 4.5 kW geyser, then the water will heat faster. If you have a 2kW geyser, the duration will be more.

Geezer for hard water

Do you live in a area where hard water is abundant? Then you need to buy a geyser which is corrosion resistant.

Electric water is basically for immediate use as they are capable of warming water rapidly without taking much time. Electric geyser also is known by other names as well as an instant water heater or tankless. This heater works on the sensor board, it observes the water flow with the sensor. After that fire the heating element and offer you warm water. The best part of the electric geyser is that they never run out of warm water.