IZONE Blender 7015

IZONE Blender 7015 1.5 LITER CAPACITY Well, blenders and grinders are such products that are used to blend and grind food items effectively. Those days are gone when different appliances were used for grinding and mixing items (e.g., vegetables and fruit), now you could use a blender & grinder for both activities. But you need to be careful while utilizing this device. You shouldn’t add a few items in this machine so that this could work properly for you.

Hot liquid IZONE Blender 7015 :

Well, you shouldn’t pour hot liquids into the grinder and blender. During the winter, you definitely want a hot bowl of soup regularly for keeping yourself warm. But this doesn’t mean that you add the hot liquid for that soup inside the appliance instantly. And, if you don’t take this precaution seriously and add the hot liquid inside your appliance, your device could be damaged. You should let the liquid cool down for at least 5-7 minutes before adding it inside the device. Plus, you should also not fill the appliance to its brim. For letting the heat escape from the grinder and blender, you should remove the stopper from its lid.

Frozen fruit IZONE Blender 7015 :

A grinder and blender is used to make fruit smoothies. This appliance is impressive for creating tasty smoothies just within the duration of minutes. But you shouldn’t put completely frozen fruit inside the appliance. If you add frozen fruit inside your device, your smoothie would have lumps, and the blades of your machine might be cracked or broken as well. Therefore, let the temperature of your fruit become normal before adding these inside the blender and grinder for making a smoothie.

Sun-dried tomato:

You shouldn’t add sun-dried tomatoes inside a blender and grinder. Why? Because these tomatoes might leave leathery textures that could jam the blender and grinder. And, if you want to blend sun-dried tomatoes through this machine for cooking any particular food item, soak these tomatoes in the water first to make them soft before putting the tomatoes inside your appliance. Got our point!

Starchy vegetable:

You shouldn’t blend starchy vegetables inside a blender and grinder. Why? Simple. The starchy vegetables like potatoes release an excessive amount of starch during blending for being over blended by the blades of a blender and grinder. This excessive starch mixes with the liquid that is present inside the potatoes, and this mixing transforms the mashed potatoes into a gluey mass in place of a fluffy side dish.

Green and leafy vegetable:

One of the most nutritious drinks that people love to enjoy is the juice of vegetables and fruit. But don’t use your grinder and blender for making such a juice, especially from green vegetables. The cause is that the motor of the grinder and blender could turn these green vegetables into brown ones easily. But if you still want to add these vegetables inside your appliance, you must take one necessary precautionary step. And, that is you should refrigerate the green leafy vegetables for a few minutes before adding these inside your appliance.