• CHR-18 MERCURY WHT 1.5 Ton
  • Cooling Capacity 19000 BTU (5500-19500)
  • Heating Capacity 19000 BTU (5500-19500)
  • Air Circulation (1000 m3/h)
  • Powerful 3D Air Flow
  • 99.9% copper connecting pipe
  • 4 Way Swing
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Sleep Mode
  • R410a Refrigerant
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Basic advantages of IZONE DC INVERTER 18 MERCURY WHT 1.5 Ton:

  • The AC uses less power as compared to a conventional AC.
  • There is no voltage fluctuation.
  • The air conditioner keeps constant room temperature.
  • This AC has effective cooling.
  • This air conditioner is suitable for small and large spaces.
  • The AC is safe for residential wiring due to lower power use.
  • The AC is environment-friendly.

The IZONE DC INVERTER 18 MERCURY WHT 1.5 Ton air conditioning has variable compressor speed. And, the sensor embedded in the inverter controls the power in accordance with the room temperature. And results in less electricity use and high-level energy efficiency. When this is compared to non-inverter ACs so inverter air conditioners have fluctuation recognition capabilities and automatic adjustments that are made for the successful and overall compressor speed. This advanced mechanism helps you save your energy and prove advantageous for the surroundings.

Cost-effective nature of IZONE DC INVERTER 18 MERCURY WHT 1.5 Ton:       

Due to the operational method of inverter air conditioner, the compressor does not work at full capabilities and so saves you from paying a huge amount of money at the charge of electricity units. Therefore, this appliance is much more efficient than a non-inverter AC coz this helps you save a lot on your electric bills.

Energy-efficient nature:

The inverter technology is considered as the best solution when the matter is about the economic and energy-saving operation. Then, in an inverter model, the heating & cooling are automated in a seamless and power-saving manner. Whereas, the former technologies of ACs consumed a lot of electricity regardless of the usage.

Better cooling:

A non-inverter AC couldn’t adjust the level of cooling. So, the appliance couldn’t cool the area faster when needed. On the other hand, the inverter AC could run the compressor at a higher speed for cooling the entire area fast when needed.

Silent operation:

The inverter AC operates at a very slow speed. Therefore, this is much more silent. In split inverter ACs, apart from the low compressor noise, there is also comparatively less noise inside the room.

Sound sleep:

An inverter AC enables you to have some sound sleep coz this maintains the temperature of the room steadily at the temperature that you fixed on the thermostat of your air conditioner.

  • 1.5 ton
Air flow
  • Powerful Air Flow
Air Conditioner Type
  • Wall Mounted Split
Cooling Type
  • heat & cool
  • Auto Restart Function
  • Hidden LED design