• CHR-378GM
  • Red Color
  • Capacity: 390 Liter
  • Dimensions(W*D*H): 770*775*1585mm
  • Dynamic Airflow
  • Turbo Cooling
  • Faster Cooling & Freezing
  • Removeable Gas Kit
  • Open Evaporator For 6 Way Cooling
  • Elegant design Glass Door
  • Edge To Edge Tempering Glass
  • R600a Refrigerant
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Some kitchens have a box designed to hold your refrigerator, while others simply have a space allocated along the kitchen cabinets.

Before you decide what size of refrigerator you’d like to have, you’ll have to see how big of a refrigerator your kitchen will hold. That means measuring the space designated for your fridge including height, width, and depth.

Measure your doorways

If you’ve ever watched a TV show with a delivery person .stuck in the doorway with a refrigerator, you might have thought it was pretty funny. In real life, if your fridge was stuck in the doorway. you’d be doing everything but laughing. That’s why, before you order your refrigerator, you should measure your doorways and identify the path your fridge will take once it’s delivered to your home. IZONE REFRIGERATOR 378GM RED

Can your refrigerator doors swing out?

Once you’ve measured your fridge space. be sure to note any obstructions you might encounter when opening the door to your refrigerator. Some kitchens are narrow. Even if the fridge you choose will fit in the space. You might not be able to fully open the doors.

Give your fridge room to breathe

This is an important step some homeowners forget about when it comes to refrigerators. You need to leave at least one inch of space above. Behind your fridge so it can be properly ventilated. If you don’t allow for ventilation space, your fridge might work overtime. It can damage the motor, compressor, or use extra energy to keep cool.

Top freezer IZONE REFRIGERATOR 378GM RED refrigerators

You’ve probably seen a top freezer refrigerator in someone’s home before. Considered to be a traditional fridge, the top freezer refrigerator ranges in size from 24 to 33 inches. And have anywhere from 10 to 22 cu. ft. of space inside.

French door refrigerators IZONE REFRIGERATOR 378GM RED

A French door fridge has two doors that swing open and a freezer drawer below. They range in size from 30 inches up to 36 inches and from 20 to 30 cu. ft. of space. Here’s a funny fact about French door refrigerators: if you were buying one in France, the name changes to “American refrigerator.”

Refrigerator Technology
  • Temperature Control Thermostat
Refrigerator Type
  • Top Mount
  • Auto Defrost Function
  • Door Lock Function
  • Keep Cooling Up to 137 Hour