• ATL-303-GL
  • Buy This Hob & Get Free IZONE Iron (Limited Time Offer)
  • 3 Gas Burners
  • Heavy Grates
  • Cast iron pan supports
  • Rated gas input: 12kW
  • Rated electrical power: 1.1W
  • High-efficiency brass burners
  • Removable washing cup
  • Safety ignition pins
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The efficiency of the IZONE KITCHEN HOB 303 cooking area depends upon the efficiency of the hob or cooktop that you use. Wondering whether a hob or a cooktop is right for you. These handy tips will help you make an informed decision!

In India, the term ‘cooktop’ is generically used for a portable cooking range. The ones that have been traditionally used and are still quite popular. They are predominantly made of stainless steel and have 4 short stands that rest on the granite countertop.

Hobs are in-built cooktops that are fitted into a cavity in the countertop.


There are different types of hobs on the market. We will shortly highlight the advantages and disadvantages for each. While the main aspects to be taken into consideration before purchasing are:

  • the dimensions connected to the space available in the kitchen. We talk about a standard width of 30-35 cm for a small top. A width of 60 cm for a medium model and a width of 70-90 cm for a large model.
  • the number of fires is generally proportional to the size of the family and corresponds to one’s habits and needs. In fact, it ranges from a minimum of a single fire up to 9 fires. The standard number is 4.
  • the type of operation, ie gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction or mixed.
  • design and functions, here are elements such as color, material and style. The hob must best adapt to the taste of your kitchen. It is also advisable to take a look at what are the additional functions such as the timer. The acoustic signal and the display indicating consumption.


    As is well known, gas is an ecological and economic source of energy. Therefore it is not surprising that the gas hob is the most widespread in Italy. Other points in favour are a precise regulation of the flame and heat, and the possibility of using any type of cookware. On the other hand, the disadvantages include low energy efficiency, due to greater heat dispersion. In the gas hob, heating takes place via an open flame which from the burner hits the pot, but at the same time also the surrounding environment.

    Those who opt for a plan of this kind need a gas connection, an operation, which we remember, is only carried out by a specialized technician. For safety, gas hobs must be equipped with a safety valve, which blocks the gas supply as soon as the burner flame goes out. In fact, it can happen that a liquid present in the pot overflows going to hit the flame, extinguishing it; through this safety device the gas stops flowing out.

    Gas hobs are distinguished not only by the number of burners, but also by the type: auxiliary, rapid, triple crown, wok. Each designed to be used with pots and pans of different sizes and shapes. The surface where the burners rest is often in stainless steel, but there are also colored models such as black, gray, oatmeal or cream. The gas on glass hobs are sought after, where the burners are positioned on a surface in tempered glass or glass ceramic, a resistant and scratch-resistant material. The whole gives an elegant touch, suitable for kitchens with a sophisticated and modern taste. Last but not least, these tops are also very easy to clean.

Gas Burners
  • 3 Burner
  • High-efficiency brass burners
  • Removable washing cup
  • Heavy pan support syestem
  • Manual ignition System
  • Removable washing cup
  • Stainless Steel Material
safety feature
  • Safety ignition pins