• NAT-106
  • 2/4  Slot capacity
  • Power 750 Watts
  • Light Indicator Function
  • Non-Stick coated Plates
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Safety Lock System
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A IZONE SANDWICH MAKER 106 is a small appliance that allows you to toast, grill, and heat sandwiches with any fillings you like. You can make delicious sandwiches such as chicken sandwiches, vegetable club sandwiches, and grilled sandwiches using these sandwich makers. It allows you to try different types of sandwiches and saves you time in the kitchen. It can be perfect for preparing breakfast or snack-time meals.

Types of Sandwich Makers IZONE SANDWICH MAKER 106

In a rush to get to work or school, you forget to eat breakfast. This is why many companies have created sandwich machines with different styles and additional functions. There are many types of ceramic presses, including machines with removable or non stick discs or industrial presses. But what’s the difference?

It is difficult to find a sandwich press that can combine all the elements you desire. There are many sandwich-making machines in the market. This article will highlight the popular types of sandwich machines.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A delicious, hot breakfast sandwich is a perfect head start for your day. You can buy breakfast sandwiches at a local deli or bagel shop, but you have the option to choose your ingredients if you own a sandwich-making machine. Apart from your favourite egg-and-cheese sandwich, you can try other ingredients such as bacon, sausages, tomatoes, avocado, and mushrooms. Making breakfast sandwiches at home is a great way to save money if you eat them often.

Sandwich and Waffle Makers

With this multipurpose appliance, the entire family can enjoy snacking together.  The 2-in-1 waffle sandwich maker comes with sandwich plates with deep pockets and non-stick waffle plates. You can make toasted sandwiches filled with your favourite fillings or relish crispy and fluffy waffles with just a single appliance.

Features to Look for While Buying a Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker has a heating element inside and you can use it to toast bread or make sandwiches with one or more types of meat, cheese, and vegetables. There is a number of sandwich makers in the market to choose from. Here is a list of features that will help you find the right appliance for your kitchen.

  • 2 Slot capacity
  • Indicator light function
  • Non Stick coated Plates
Cooling Type
  • Cool Touch Handle
safety feature
  • Saftey Lock System